The Great Rift Valley (which runs from the Red Sea to Southern Africa, dotted with many fresh and salt water lakes, crates and volcanoes) has Lake Nakuru as one of its most visited salt water lakes.   Lake  Nakuru National Park is a RAMSAR SITE encompassing the lake and surrounding game viewing area reknown as a black and white rhino sanctuary and home to other savannah predators and herbivores.  Within the park is the shallow algae-covered saltwater lake seasonally dotted with millions of pink flamingos and other water birds, some which sometimes migrate to other Rift Valley lakes.  It is an outstanding place for watching a variety of birds including other brackish water species and birds of prey.  Herds of waterbuck, gazelle, impala and reedbuck graze in the pretty surrounding acacia woods and grasslands of Lake Nakuru National Park, the environment of which are constantly being extended with the assistance of the World Wildlife fund.  Lake Nakuru is now the home of numerous lions, leopards and rhino, who have been placed in the Park for safety.