Situated about 330kms north of Nairobi in Kenya’s hot, rugged and semi-arid Northern Province, the Samburu National Reserve and the adjacent Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve are some of the country’s most colourful and dramatic game viewing areas.  The reserves are within the lands of the colourful Samburu people, close relatives of the Maasai, and are home to a number of wildlife sub-species rarely found elsewhere in the world.  All found along the Ewaso Nyiro River (‘River of Brown Water’ in the local Samburu tribe’s language) and covering a total area of over 500 sq kms, the Reserves contain a wide range of East African Wildlife, but animals of specific interest include Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, Gerenuk, Somali ostrich (all found only north of the equator).  Other notable animals include elephant, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, lion, dik dik, warthog and crocodile.  The bird life is strikingly numerous  and colourful, perhaps the most impressive sight is the immense flock of tufted vulterine guinea fowl which makes their way each afternoon to the river-bank to drink