The major feature of Tsavo East & West (in total covering an area of over 21,000sq. kms), the largest park in the country, is undoubtedly its elephant population, which number in the region of several thousands.

The Tsavo elephants are sometimes called Red Elephants because of the colour of the mud they cover themselves with, to protect themselves from the heat and from insects. It is a haven for an immense variety of mammals, reptiles and birds.  Rhino, buffalo, giraffe, waterbuck, lions, cheetah and impala are frequently seen. Tsavo is also home to a number of interesting natural features.  Chief among these must rank the recurring marvel of Mzima Springs, replenished with millions of litres of crystal-clear water a day, from the underground streams of the nearby Chyulu Hills.  At Mzima Springs there it is an underwater viewing tunnel from where it is possible to see hippo and crocodile.